About Us

We have 5+ Years of experiance in standard professional services

Established in 2016 Moksha SoftLabs has been serving the banking and financial sector through our integrated multi-modalities processes with success. With our cloud computing technology for payments and other such transactions, we steer futuristic innovations in new growth areas and dial-up the current processes with the application of our seamless workflow technique.

Our expertise also includes DWM (Data Warehousing Management), development of products and customized application among other business processes and relevant resources which can be applied. Apart from unparalleled services for banks and payment processes, we endeavor to match the accelerated market expectations and fulfill the same

With proficiency in Database Management we offer one of our significant services in technology. As one of the foremost companies in our domain, we offer our key products, automation and reconciliation application, to our customers. It is our endeavor to forward cutting edge innovations in our space and provide effective solutions in B&FS.

  • Opening Hours Mon - Fri 9:30am - 7:30pm
  • Helpline+91 73500 18811

Why chose us

Driving agile innovation, Moksha Softlabs Pvt Ltd is making notable strides as a leading service provider in B&FS segment of the industry. Supported by experts from IT, our unique ability is to serve thus enhancing efficiencies to provide competencies in card related payments, net banking and API interface. With our high performing solutions and capacity to optimize cross-platform work processes, we offer the unlimited potential of the same.

Strategy & Analysis 88%
Eeconomic growth 95%
Achieves goals 70%